About product

BZC model CHAIN Rotator GENERAL Features
a) Purpose of Chain Rotators is rotating and positioning pieces with planar section
b) Over an endless chain, Providing rotation movement to the part, together with suitable positioning ,
required welding edge and assembly plane could be generated.
c) It is possible to adjust the height of the piece placed on the machine. This provides more convenience to the operator during welding.
d) Operators can easily rotate the pieces mounted on the chain clockwise or counterclockwise, precisely, well-aligned.  They can also be moved  upward-downward  to provide the desired height. 
e) Chain Rotators set comprise of 2 pcs. driven units. Number of units can be increased according to the application and  weight conditions
f) Both of the units which constitute the chain rotator set are driven and these two unit can be operated in synchronization or independently. Thus, angular height adjustment of the work piece is enabled.
g) Birel Makine manufactures 5 and 10 ton chain rotators in its standard, However, between these tonnages
special custom production can be manufactured.

BZC model CHAIN Rotator TECHNICAL Features
a) Birel Chain Rotators allow easy loading by opening the chain arms
b) Automatic closing of chain levers upon loading workpiece.
c) Sturdy chain gear structure