About product

BPRA model Pipe Rotator with LEG GENERAL Features
a) BPRA model Pipe Rotator with Leg  provides economical and practical circular welding solution to cylindrical parts
having variable diameter. 
b) BPRA model Pipe Rotator with Leg are used for rotating to perform circular welding of cylindrical parts, Such as
Tanks, Pressure vessels,  Tower Tubes, Boilers,Depots, Reactors, Depots, Fuel Barrels, WindPower, Petrochemical,
PipeLines, Shipbuilding sector,etc.
c) BPRA model Pipe Rotator with Leg requires pre-adjusment of diameters to contact with the workpiece.
Adjustment is manually made  by placing idler rollers on the slot present on casing and then fastened.
d) Robust steel welded construction. 
e) The cylindrical part remains central irrespective of diameter and frequent adjustment of the welding head
becomes unnecessary.
f) Operators with BPRA model Pipe Rotator with Leg by means of precise command control  can easily rotate
workpieces clockwise(CW) or counterclockwise(CCW) at accurate controlled speeds.
g) The rotators have an important place in steel construction workshops because they reduce the use of a crane,
as well as increase the speed and the efficiency of automatic  or manual welding processes.
BPRA model Pipe Rotator with LEG TECHNICAL Features
a) One(1)set of BCR model Conventional Rotator consists of two units, one(1) driven unit and one for idler units. 
According to specific applications, the number of driven and idler units can be increased.
b) Optionally, Application of movement over rails with  manual Buggy system by means of rollers to both units.
c) For operation performans,s Availability of three(3) level manual adjustable height is available as standard.
d) Birel Machinery as standard provides BPRA-3-5-8 ton model capacities.
e) Automatic Welding apparatus is optional.