About product

Birel Conventional Rotators (BCR) is a quality and economical solution for circular weldings of cylindrical parts whose diameter is not too variable. They are used for rotating for circular welding such as Tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, boilers, warehouses, reactors, fuel barrels.

The rotators have an important place in steel construction workshops because they reduce the use of a crane, as well as increase the speed and the eficiency of automatic or manual welding processes.

With Birel Rotators, operators can easily rotate workpieces clockwise or counterclockwise at precisely controlled speeds that can be precisely controlled from the control panel. 1 set of Birel Rotator consists of two units, one for motorists and one for idler . Depending on the special applications, the number of motorized and idle units can be changed.


Manual diameter adjustaments
Adjustable Rotation speed
Digital speedometer on the electrical cabinet
Polyurethan wheels absorbing shocks and vibrations
5 Mt lenght cable pendant
5 Mt power cable
Motors with brake & forced cooling
1 Year Warranty