About product

a) BCR model Conventional Rotators  are used to rotate for the purpose of providing economical and practical circular
welding solution to cylindrical parts having variable cylindrical diameters.
b) BCR model Conventional Rotators are used for rotating to perform circular welding of cylindrical parts, Such as
Tanks, Pressure vessels,  Tower Tubes, Boilers,Depots, Reactors, Depots, Fuel Barrels, WindPower, Petrochemical,
PipeLines, Shipbuilding sector,etc.
c) BCR model Conventional Rotators requires pre-adjusment of diameters to contact with the workpiece.
Adjustment is manually made on standard models by shifting the roller groups over slides and then fastened to
the slide.
d) Robust steel welded construction. 
e) The cylindrical part remains central independent of diameter and frequent adjustment of the welding head
becomes unnecessary.
f) Operators with BCR model Conventional Rotators by means of precise command control  can easily rotate
 workpieces clockwise(CW) or counterclockwise(CCW) at accurate controlled speeds.
g) The rotators have an important place in steel construction workshops because they reduce the use of a crane,
as well as increase the speed and the efficiency of automatic  or manual welding processes.
a) One(1)set of BCR model Self Align Rotator consists of two units, one(1) driven unit and one(1) for idler units. 
According to specific applications, the number of driven and idler units can be changed.
b) Birel Machinery as standard manufactures between 3ton & 100ton, Additionally upon request over 100ton
and above models  are manufactured as special productions.
c) Within capacities of 3ton-5ton-100ton, Single driven Rollergroup is used,  Above 10ton Double driven
Rollers group is used.
d) Optionally, Advantage of diameter adjustment by means of threaded Shaft that is operated by hand wheel over the slides forward and reward is available. Applicable to both driven and idler units.
e) Optionally, For diameter adjusting, availability of moving forward and reward of roller group as motor driven
by means of thhread shaft over slides on both units.
f) Optionally, opportunity of moving over rails by means of Buggy carriers is available. Two Buggy carriers option are available.  The first Buggy carrier choice is Rollers moved manaually  over rails and  the second one is using driven movement of rollers over rails .
g) Opportunity of placing additional stopper support to avoid slippage of workpiece from the rotator.
h) Automatic Welding apparatus is optional.