About product

BSP-3AX model BRIDGE Type Head Tail Stock Positioner
a) BSP-3AX model 3 axis Head Tail Stock Positioner, Regardless of any geometric shape within dimensions of the machine, In favour of being able to position and generating remarkable welding edges to all workpieces are qualified & ideal solutions. Additionally has ability of
worktable and tilt axis 360 degree of rotation opportunity.
b) Designed in best suitable configuration to perform safe positioning of the workpieces
having asymmetry & higher probability of  overturn.
c) Avoids of crane operations that are part handling, rotating of parts, etc. during production, Provides  the opportunity of using operator's working power to use more
effectively by minimizing  time loss  and  it increases the effiency of work.
d) BSP-3AX model  positioner with robust construction & easy controlling ability,
Provides  the opportunity of comfortable working to operator & improves the quality of welding.
e) The operators with BSP-3AX model positioner, At the center axis of Worktable,
Workpiece can be precisely rotated  over the command control at Clockwise (CW) or
CounterClockwise(CCW) at specified speeds.
f) Birel Machinery as standard provides BSP-3AX  model Bridge Type Head Tail Stock Positioner
in capacity of 10 ton.
g) Birel Machinery, out of these standard capacity,  according to customer standards & requirements , can present quotation  against the  machine revision process or fulfill customer request against  new designs.
h) For any special request or project, Please do not hesitate to contact with us.