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BPP model PIPE Positioner GENERAL Features
a) a) BPP model Pipe positioner is used for the purpose of rotation and tilting of pipes with round profiles in manual or automatic welding, mainly in the field of pipe construction,
prefabrication and assembly on site.
b) b) Due to rotation of pipe, No interruption is observed in circumferential welding of pipe.
c) c) BPP model Pipe Positioner, as standard, Up and down movement for diameter adjustment is performed
mechanically by Manual Wheel.Upon request,
Optionallyi A quick mounting-detaching equipments can be provided.
d) d)Optionally, Welding Torch mounting equipment is provided
e) e) BPP model Pipe Positioner has the capability of tilting in both directions of +90°-0°-90° degree
(i.e : Opportunity of precisely controlled rotation speeds  both in clockwise(CW) or
 Counterclokwise(CCW)) directions.
f) BPP model Pipe positioner includes One(1) driven unit as worktable and One(1) unit as idler, upper press.
g) f) Birel Machinery as standard provides BPP model Pipe Positioner in capacities of 0,75-1,5-3 ton.
h) g) Birel Machinery, out of these standard capacities,  according to customer standards & requirements , can present quotation  against the  machine revision process or fulfill customer request against  new designs.
i) h) For any special request or project, Please do not hesitate to contact with us.