About product

Birel L-Type Positioner BLPL-3AX are designed according to the rotation rotation height adjustment and angular tilting of the plate as themost appropriate configuration like other positioners, Operators can work more effectively and effciently.

With Birel's Positioners, you can position all the parts within the limits of a dimension without creating any geometric shape and create the appropriate welding corner. The positioners are minimize the use of the Crane due to increase of the speed and eficiency of welding for both using automatic welding or manuel welding methoods.

Birel Positioners thus have an important place in steel construction workshops. 'Birel' Positioners constructions consist of; body, motor, plate rotating height adjustment and tilting systems, electric panel and remote operator control.

Birel Positioners consist of clockwise or counterclockwise reversals of plates and a certain axis of inclination of plates. However, the parts that operators fasten on the plate can be easily rotated at an adjustable speed which operators can control over the control pendant precisely and the plate can also be leaned forward to provide the desired angle through the control panel.Birel Positioners allow fast connection of the workpiece by using 'T' channels on the rotating plates


-360 tilting 

-Adjustable Table plate rotation speed 

-Digital speedometer on the electrical cabinet 

-5 Mt lenght cable pendant 

-5 Mt power cable 

-Welding earthning mechanism 

-Motors with brake & forced fan cooling 

-1 Year Warranty

Loading Capacity Calculation

We calculate loading torques from the surface of the table plate to the centre of gravity of the working piece. The torque of the work-piece should be compared with the maximum allowable torque in the appropriate table plate is the best way to choose correct positioner to your work.