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BEM model Head Tail Stock -GENERAL Features
a) BEM model 2 axis Chassis Head Tail Stock Positioner, Regardless of any geometric shape within dimensions of the machine, can be able to position and provides the opportunity of locating  remarkable welding edges to all workpieces and  ensures utmostly likewise  capability of welding & assembling at 360° degree of any required position.
b) By means of the equipment presented as optional  that provides quick mounting-detaching opportunity and having 360° rotation  capability provides ergonomical operation environment.
c) BEM chassis positioner is constituted of mutually One(1) drive body -One(1) idler body.
d) Birel Machinery as standard manufactures BEM model machines in capacities of  1,5-3-5-6-8-10-12 ton.
e) Used in Railway wagon, truck chassis, trailer chassis and Die-Mold adaptation sectors.
f) Birel Machinery, out of these standard capacities,  according to customer standards & requirements , can present quotation  against the  machine revision process or fulfill customer request against  new designs.