About product

BCP model Conventional Positioner GENERAL Features
a) BCPmodel Conventional Positioner is designed at best suitable configuration to supply
function of worktable rotation & tilting of worktable angularly.
b) BCPmodel Conventional Positioner, without considering of any  geometric shape ,
all parts within dimensions has capability of positioning & forming suitable welding corner.
c) BCPmodel Conventional Positioner, as structuraly are constituted of Body, Motor ,Worktable
rotation and tilting systems, electric panel and cable remote operator control.
d) BCPmodel Conventional Positioner as structuraly has the best protective system.
Against heavy parts positioner should be anchored to the facility ground.
e) The rotation & tilting movements  of BCPmodel Conventional Positioner are done by
means of gear  transmission system.
f) BCPmodel Conventional Positioner WorkTable is supplied as standard with Slot grooved.
Optionally,If Worktable is requested as "T"Grooved also  can be manufactured.
Enable quick connection of workpiece  by means of  Slot Groove or“ T ”Groove worktable.
g) Birel Machinery as standard manufactures BCP model machines in capacities of 
0,25-0,5-1-2-3-5-8-10 ton. In special conditions, Out of these standard capacities,
Birel Machinery, according to customer standards &  requirements , has the opportunity of
manufacturing possibility at different capacities.
h) Automatic Welding apparatus is optional.
BCP model Conventional Positioner TECHNICAL Advantages ;
a) Allows quick connection of workpeices by using "T" slots (optional)
b) Birel machinery as standard provide seat types in capacities of
0,2-0,25-0,5-1-2-3-5-8-10 ton.
c) Out of these standard capacities, Birel Machines, according to customer
standards & requirements can quote against revisions  or
new designed customer requests..
d) Welding Earthing Mechanism
e) For any special project or request, Please do not hesistate to contact
with us.